April 29, 2010

Boys Night/Game-Themed Care Package

Sometimes the simplest things in life, like playing cards, can be easily forgotten when you're away from home. I put together a Games Package of things I picked up at Target for about $20.

*Two decks of Playing Cards (Jack Daniels brand decks.. a reminder of his favorite!) 
*A Pack of Dice 
*Pretend Money (from the kid's goody bag/birthday aisle, also at party-supply stores) 
*List of Games (written on index cards w/ adhesive laminating sheets from CVS)
Ranging from one-player games to some you can play with 10+ guys
A few easy to play/explain in case the soldiers teach ANA guys or local children how to play
Rules to different Poker games which I found online
... also found confusing, since I'm happy with a magic trick as far as cards go :) 
*Last but not least... COOKIES (of course!)

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